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Young's Roofing Company, Roofing Contractors, San Francisco, CA  
Our old Victorian house needed a new roof. I interviewed every roofing company in the city (or so it felt like). Young's was the winner: They were responsive (most of the other guys weren't); they came out on time (you'd assume that as a given, but turns out not to be); they speak English (I myself am an immigrant, so don't have issues with non-native speakers. But let's face it - being able to communicate with your contractors is important); their estimate was one of the most reasonably priced; they started the work when they said they would; they finished in 3 days; they cleaned up after themselves maniacally and daily; they were super nice to work with. We could not be happier.
There are others out there we considered, but in the end these guys were way better than anyone else.

- Fred A.

It's been some time since I have found a good and dependable roofing company. I called several roofing contractors that I researched. Some of them didn't even bother to call me back and this isn't even the rainy season yet. That was disappointing because some of them had good ratings on this site. I received 3 different bids on my job. One estimator kept saying that it was going to be a very difficult job and was rather over dramatic about the situation. I believe that he was doing this to generate a higher estimate. The other company was telling me all the steps that he was going to go through to make a comparison with other companies. Jesus, the estimator for Young's roofing, came out and gave me the straight scoop on what needed to be done without all the fanfare. He gave me a very reasonable bid for the job. I checked into the company's license through CSLB and it came back good. Mr. Young was very prompt in answering any questions I had concerning this job.

The Foreman, Lucio, came out with two assistants and arrived at the job site right on time. They promptly went to work on the area breaking down the old roof to clear the area for the new material. This was a somewhat complicated job as the old roof consisted of foam, tar, concrete and reinforcing fence type wire, plus a metal liner that was all rusted out. This area was also space restricted in a lightwell which made things even tougher. I was impressed with the jovial attitude that these workers used to accomplish this job. You could tell that the men enjoyed what they were doing and they are very hard working individuals. It was backbreaking work to strip the area of the original roof that went back to when the house was built back in the 1930's. The concrete was the old aggregate type they used in sidewalks in decades past. It was really hard to break up. They did it with a smile. I was very impressed.

After they got the old material broken and taken away, there were gaps in the wooded base of the lightwell. Lucio and Roberto carved some perfect pieces to fit the voided areas and fitted the drain perfectly. Wow, it was a masterpiece of a job! After that, they started attaching the underlayment and torched on the M.B. membrane. They did a very thorough flashing of the area to insure the water wouldn't leak in. I was extremely satisfied with the job they did.

I would highly recommend Young's Roofing for any roofing job you have! I will keep them at the top of my list if I need any future roofing work. Reasonable prices, friendly employees, and excellent communication are hallmarks of this company and this one deserves your business.

- San Francisco V.

In such inclement weather, it would be remiss of me not to recommend Young's.

They are a mixed bag of folks - the owner ("Steve" - Steve Young - are you sure?) is Korean, the workers are mostly Mexican and Guatemalan, and Didi, the sweetie who answers the phone, is Mongolian.

Despite all these differences the job always seems to get done right "Steve" has the thickest accent and you may not understand him all the time - but he will understand you. Just explain carefully exactly what you want and he will make it happen - on time, on budget, and at a fair price.

We had a substantial and rather nightmarish remodel done of the house, but the replacement of the roof was a total breeze. Neat and tidy, overcoming some obstacles, and ne'er a single leak. In some some subsequent work, Steve and his posse were there in a couple of days and performed the work at very reasonable prices.

They even took pity when someone STOLE the copper downspout and replaced the pipe for labor-only - and secured it so no one could STEAL it again! Can't argue with that!

- Kingpin X.

I personally vouch for this place. I know the owner he is he nicest guy ever. Very reasonable and understanding. tight crew and good foreman. Also because it is a small family operated business they always do their very best.

- DJ G.

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